Right to withdraw from the contract


Before you submit a return or complaint:

If you notice any damage to the cardboard box when collecting the parcels - do not hesitate - write up a damage report with the courier. If you open a package with a damaged cardboard box, it may turn out that write up such a protocol will be more difficult due to the need to bring the courier again.

Remember - we are responsible for the shipment - however, we have no influence on the shipping company or the quality of their services - therefore the basis is to write up a damage report.

If after opening the packaging you think that parts are missing or you have doubts about the quality or you have found any defect in your opinion - never assemble furniture - first report your doubts to the email address: [email protected]



You can submit a return no later than 14 days after receiving the shipment.
Return shipment should be sent at own expense.

Return address:
Łazy 103a,
37-550 Radymno,

Returns should be made by sending an email to: [email protected].

In the title, please enter the order number with the note return.

The returning customer is obliged to properly secure the content of the returned goods.
Due to the unusual sizes of packaging used for shipping - we suggest not throwing away the cartons before making the final decision to return.


Trouble with a return? Leave it to us!

If you want to return the furniture, you can pay for it and order us to pick it up, which will save you having to look for the right carrier.

The price for the execution of such an order is the cost of normal delivery + a one-time surcharge for the order.

Collection of the package in Europe - price for delivery + 24€.



Complaints should be submitted to the following e-mail address: [email protected]

Products have a 2-year warranty.

When submitting a complaint, provide: the number of the complained parts in accordance with the assembly instructions, take photos of defects/damages.

Complaints are not applicable to parts damaged as a result of incorrect assembly.

We will try to address the complaint as soon as possible, but no longer than within 14 days.



All other information regarding returns and complaints can be found in the store's regulations.